Week 5: Bang Bang Pie & Biscuist

Ever like to repeat yourself? Well at Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits you should repeat repeat yourself everyday with their amazing biscuits! You may have heard of Bang Bang Pies & Biscuits because of their impressively celebrated and awarded pie. But worry not (or really worry if you are pie) because biscuits are stealing the spotlight in a big way.

At Bang Bang, which triples as a small restaurant, bakery, and café, you can enjoy an assortment of biscuits that have you experiencing onamonapia beyond bang bang and put you somewhere in the yummmm and mmmmm region. With offerings such as black pepper honey butter and lavender jam, these ain’t yo’ grandma’s southern biscuits. Hailing in Chicago, Illinois, these Midwestern treats take a different take with their sour cream-based biscuits and, well, how about having Alicia Hauge, Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits Director of Events and Catering, explain,

“Our biscuits are crispy on the outside but delightfully moist and dense on the inside. Also, our biscuits are the size of a tennis ball, rather than a hockey puck, which makes it a perfect base for our biscuit sandwiches!”

Furthermore, in the words of Alicia, “a great biscuit doesn't need anything added, and should always warm the soul.” Which is very true in the minds here at the Biscuit Festival, but you don’t even have to stop there because there are always wonderful things to add to your biscuit, especially at Bang Bang. Get a biscuit sandwich or enjoy the farm goodness of their condiments such as blueberry-red wine compote with citrus zest, Meyer lemon house-churned butter, or vegetarian sawmill gravy. Also, you can add an egg to anything for just $1!

And if you think that sounds good just search the tag BangBangPie on Instagram and feast your eyes and stomachs on the lovely and extremely photogenic biscuits atop their homey checkered plates. Adding to this sweet and savory vibe, you can enjoy your savory biscuits among friends and the vibrant staff.

But don’t be mislead, you won’t find the sweetness anywhere in Bang Bang beyond their pies. Imagine the usual pastel and obviously icing-covered pastry inspired walls of your run-of-the-mill bakery and then forget about it because Bang Bang is obviously not your average bakery. They have captured a perfectly industrial look with exposed brick walls and their cute, catchy signs. Once you order your food, the biscuit, you won’t see a bakery display case, and once you get a food you don’t bring it back to just any table but red picnic tables, in their backyard, fenced in by recycled front doors. Bang Bang Pie and Biscuits has graduated from your average, hometown bakery to the bakery that feels like your hometown-Chicago.

But what are the steps to making Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits your hometown biscuit supplier? Well, it’s a simple three step process that of course starts with the biscuit.

First they, “make a dry mix of flour, sugar, baking powder & salt and incorporate it with dairy fat. You want to mix until it forms a slick exterior but firm interior. Once fully mixed, we use 4oz ice cream scoops to form the biscuits and pop the in the oven for one hour.”

Next they make delectable and savory sandwiches like the Bacon Biscuit packed with candied bacon, smoky tomato braised collard greens, a farm poached egg, and hot sauce.

The third and final step is on you. ORDER A BISCUIT! And sit back and enjoy. You really can’t go wrong because everything on their menu is bangin’. 

Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits

2051 N California Ave, Chicago, IL 60647