Week 9: Sweet Cheeks Q

In a surprising twist in the world of biscuits, a place known as Sweet Cheeks in Boston, Massachusetts, has us all wondering, is the South moving North? Heralded as amazing bites of flaky and buttery goodness, these biscuits are enough to get you through the door of Sweet Cheeks and asking for more. And once you’re there, you may notice a hyperbole your little biscuit heart has truly wanted but never seen, buckets o’ biscuits on each table, waiting for you. That’s right, buckets of them.

So how does a restaurant dedicated to barbeque wind up making so much buzz in the biscuit eating world? It’s with this interesting question, and many others in our arsenal, that we turned to Emma Caffrey, manager of Sweet Cheeks, for some answers.

“We make our biscuits fresh every day, we pop them in the oven as soon as they are ordered, and they are only ever served the day that they are made. We also always serve biscuits with our freshly whipped honey butter. Honey butter is a really simple addition, but the two ingredient spread makes the biscuit phenomenal, and a wonderful way to start a meal with us.” Start your meal, end it with, or make the entire meal biscuits - it makes no difference.

Their biscuits are a real showstopper in our book, domineering their own category on the menu. You can have them as a sandwich, a side, and in trays (at this moment we ask you to remember the glory of biscuits by the bucket as we have aforementioned.)

Sweet Cheeks’ biscuits have become so popularly demanded that they have necessitated their own oven dedicated to just biscuit making so that their biscuits can really be on demand.

But what secret can the north harbor about biscuits that can contest with the south? When asked what these well-seasoned biscuit-lovers think makes a truly amazing biscuit, Caffrey gave biscuits the spotlight they truly deserve, “Our biscuits stand out because they lend themselves to both sweetness, with our honey butter, but can also be used to make an impromptu savory sandwich with any of our delectable smoked meats. But for biscuits in general? Just taking the time to make sure that they are being made with care and attention provides a great biscuit”.

Of course, with thoughts of honey butter biscuits dancing in our heads, kneading the recipe to their success is in high demand, and of course very secret. The integrity of the recipe and the biscuit are held closely by the hands that make them daily. However, we do have some insight on how Sweet Cheeks make biscuits to stuff our sweet cheeks. According to Caffrey, “every single step that is involved is done by hand. The mixing, rolling and shaping are all done by our wonderful bakers every day, so we can keep the integrity of the fresh ingredients intact. The only tools we use are the rolling pin and the biscuit cutter. It is a long and difficult process, but ask anyone that has ever had a Sweet Cheeks biscuit: IT IS WORTH IT!”

And worth it, it is. The simple idea of these amazing biscuits are "baking" us crazy. So, if your ever in Boston, put your taste buds first and visit this soon to be national treasure. The south may not be moving to the north but it can definitely be found there in none other than Boston, Massachusetts.

Sweet Cheeks Q

1381 Boylston St

Boston, MA 00215

617. 266. 1300