Week 35: The Nova Cafe


312 E Main St

Bozeman, Montana


Are you a biscuit lover from Bozeman, Montana? Well, consider yourself served. Home of beautiful landscapes, thrill seekers, nature buffs, and most importantly, home of The Nova Café, a downtown mainstay of this mountain town, is serving up breakfast and smiles. No strangers to the importance of your first fuel of the day, get your locally sourced protein and greens before you trek that mountain and work up your appetite for more.

The Nova Café was established in 2007 along with their strong sense of style. Walking into this café, you are immediately greeted with color, local art, cheerful staff, and the welcoming aroma of coffee. Equipped with a full expresso bar and all of the coffee mugs you could ask for, relax and unwind while you wait for a table; this place is bustling. You are not the only one jiving to get your breakfast buzz before the day really starts - everyone, locals and visitors alike, is here and they've even brought their dogs!

Taking a break with friends and family is a pretty great reason to eat delicious, warm food, and taking a break from the ordinary makes it that much richer. Something The Nova Café knows well is ordinary breakfast and how to twist it into something EXTRAordinary. Serving up options like the Flathead cherry cottage cheese pancakes, crab-cake eggs benedict, stuffed Co-op sourdough French Toast, or a prosciutto and asparagus omelet, clearly they have something for all kinds of patrons! Another hint that they aren’t just an average "eggs and bacon" kind of joint: their twist on the duo in their clever logo.

It’s reasons like these that have made The Nova Café Boseman’s Best Breakfast for so many years there’s pretty much no point in counting; they are the best breakfast, end of story. Also, everyone knows the best breakfast is locally sourced (you probably thought we were going to say “has biscuits”, but don’t worry, that comes later). You can literally read the names of the farmers that the food came from. The farms in Montana are beautiful, which, if we had to guess, probably has something to do with how beautiful the food is.

I mean, just look at it.

And the art, just look at it.

And then there’s the 12 different gluten-free bakery options.

Then factor in the organic ingredients, the grass-fed beef (Montana grass), and even some vegetarian and vegan options. We dare you to tell us one reason not to eat here!

The biggest reason you should visit, of course, is for the Montana Biscuit. It’s officially called the Nova-Made Biscuits & Gravy for Players with local sausage gravy and served with two local eggs and seasoned with Bausch Potato home fries. Well, play on playa.

So, next time you scale a mountain in your free time make it in Montana and fuel the excursion with the much needed grains (biscuits, obviously).

Lane Latimer, Nashville native, is a seasoned International Biscuit Festival Intern, UTK Senior, and doubles as an AC Entertainment Intern. She prides herself in goofy marketing techniques while remaining grounded in the woes of the business-professional atmosphere.