Week 36: Biscuits Cafe

Indianapolis, Indiana

Things restaurants do that we love: mix together two unexpected things, serve things in skillets, serve breakfast all day, and have biscuits (obviously). 

Time to bring you to Indianapolis, Indiana. Just a few miles from the Monon biking trails lies a very unassuming restaurant within a strip mall, with just the simple word BISCUITS. Now, that word is enough to get us going, but we know it can take some convincing for others. This is Biscuits Cafe, this is the home of the Indiana biscuit, and you are totally missing out.

Now, with a name like Biscuits Cafe you probably thinking about this place all wrong already. It's not just a bunch of biscuit sandwiches. This is a place that breakfast all day along side a traditional Mexican meals. Yes, Mexican. You walk in (this place is always packed); you are worried about being seated, but you shouldn't be because the service is impeccable. We are talking friendly and fast. An added bonus: you sit and enjoy chips and salsa while you wait for breakfast. This is a dream come true. 

The Mexican cuisine is authentic; so authentic, in fact, that they opted out of the glaringly colorful decor we may have grown accustomed to. Upon entering, an exposed kitchen and white walls greet the guests. All the color this place needs lies within the food, and boy, is it eye catching! Whether ordering traditional breakfast foods like biscuits and gravy, going the traditional food route with taco salad, or mixing it all together with a breakfast quesadilla; there are no wrong ways to enjoy this hearty menu!

People truly love this place. There is no website, no social media presence, and yet we know it exists. Why? Because it is that good.

When you travel to Indiana you should eat like a local, and that is where every other local in the area is dining, morning, noon, and night. 

Also: DRINK SIZES. This mug of mimosa right here, THIS is a medium. If you go to the Biscuits Cafe, whether it be completely out of your way or your coming straight off the Monon, you, your tummy, your wallet, and your spirit will be happy. Don't let the unassuming strip mall scare you away!


1035 Broad Ripple Ave

Indianapolis, IN