Week 14: Please and Thank You

This week we are going to try something a little different. It’s not just about the biscuit this time. But the biscuit experience. Let’s set the stage.

Now introducing a part of Kentucky known as Nulu: home of organic and locally sourced ingredients, art (especially in the form of food), historic restoration, and a culture of sustainability that supports all of the above.

Nulu is a portmanteau meaning “New Louisville” and it’s not the only popular hybrid happening around here.

Now introducing the stage you’ll be enjoying your biscuit on. Welcoming the biscuit of the week and the biscuit of the state of Kentucky, the wonderful bakery of Please and Thank You. Mixing the wonderful world of baked goods, coffee, and funky music, Please and Thank You is part bakery, part record store (known as Mr. Friendly). They sell vinyls, cassettes, and branded T-shirts AND they sell coffee, cookies, pastries, and of course, biscuits. They pretty much sum it up with a sign displayed in the store: Coffee, Sugar, and Rock Music. Now, that is something we can get behind.

So, you’re sitting there on that black and white picnic table, enjoying locally roasted coffee by Good Folks Coffee, smelling the sweet smells of a bakery, listening to the sweet tunes only a well curated music shop can serenade you with, surrounded by the sweet niceties and manners that come from a Mr. Friendly and Please and Thank You. And what is it you are about to bite into?

A Chive Ass Biscuit, that’s what.

In the words of co-owner Jason Pierce “The combination of both savory and sweet flavors seem to be a grand slam with our Chive Ass Biscuit.” We trust any combo Please and Thank You would put together, especially after hearing this next bit, “we use baked, local Kentucky eggs from Chelsea Farms, Apricot Jam, and Tilmook Extra Sharp White Cheddar on our homemade Chive Biscuit”. Uh, yes please and thank you. We will take five.

Now, Please and Thank You holds their recipes and techniques to be super top secret, so sadly, we can’t let you know how they make and bake that Chive Ass Biscuit. However, we are pretty sure there is some magic in there--- and chives.

Knowing there’s magic involved, we had to know what they think makes biscuits magical.

Jason came back with, “Biscuits can come in all sizes, shapes and textures. I'm not loyal to any particular type of biscuit. Typically, it's what is joined with the biscuit that makes it special for me: a home made apple butter, a creamy churned butter, a spicy sausage gravy or a simple jar of delicious preserves. If you concentrate on the whole eating experience, you can really make any biscuit shine.”

And that’s what we are saying. We love our biscuits, yes, but we are now divulging how to really reach your biscuit potential, upgrade your experience.  Sit, put on some great music that complements your biscuit, then verbally complement your biscuit with niceties and manners, and then truly respect that biscuit by putting it into your stomach. It’s the only way.

If you aren’t blessed enough to be a good, driving distance from Louisville in order to get this biscuit experience, never fear, there is another method. Please and Thank You offers a BIY (bake it yourself!) option. Many of their mouth watering products come in batter form so you can take them home and have a go at them yourself. Take home ready-to-bake mixes for their chocolate chip cookies, brownies, waffles, and more. You can take those home along with that new record you just bought. Or find the BIY’s online for your convenience.