Week 20: Holler & Dash

This week we've provided a little something special for you guys. We've always been able to consider Alabama as a staple for Southern food, and we trust folks like Melissa Corbin (who was born and bred in the south) to provide us with coverage of some of the most special Biscuit makers in the Alabama area. 

Give this podcast a listen and learn all about Brandon Frohne, the creator of Holler & Dash, Homewood, Alabama's newest Biscuit fix! 

Follow along with Melissa as she discusses the International Biscuit Festival, how Brandon got his start (and became an IBF Biscuit Baking Contest winner!), his experience on the Food Network, and what he believes makes his Biscuits so dang special!


This podcast features renowned Biscuit Queen, Erin Donovan, and Biscuit Boss John Craig, both pictured below.