Week 19: Handsome Biscuit

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Now, Fifty States of Biscuits has been asked many question and many requests, but one of our personal favorites is not entirely related to biscuit, describe your perfect date. And of course, we immediately related it to biscuits.

What makes he perfect date? Sense of humor, some adventure, makes you feel safe with comfort food, quirky, unique, affordable, and most importantly--- handsome.

Who makes up this perfect being? Handsome Biscuit of Norfolk, Virginia not only houses perfection but recreates it daily, serving as many as 5,000 biscuits a week. This is made even more impressive when you see the quaint, humble store of only twelve seats, whose golden outside matches only that of the sweet potato biscuits coming out of the Handsome Biscuit oven every thirty minutes.

We like someone up front with simple hobbies, “We make sweet potato biscuits and then put stuff in between them”.

Handsome “biscuits are made fresh daily, never frozen, and are made with high quality ingredients. We use locally grown sweet potatoes as the main component. We try to shop local whenever possible.”

Just because a date is perfect for you doesn’t mean you will be perfect for your date. Tread with caution and remember, this is not a time to be afraid of a handsy date. Something Biscuit Fest has learned in our travels is that a well- handled biscuit is an experienced one. “We only use our hands to mix our biscuit dough. Grating our butter is a key step, too! Then we fold, fold, fold, and fold again before cutting. Biscuit dough is very temperamental, especially when it's humid outside. We treat them like little babies, with a tender touch. It's important not to over bake them.” You have all experienced a picky date, this one is just especially… vulnerable, and needs to be treated with care.

This brings us to why and what exactly, makes this Virginia biscuit haven makes us feel safe and comforted with sweet, sweet potatoes, but also can show us its crazy side. “Our best selling biscuit is our Hella Fitzgerald. It's a fried chicken thigh, topped with our red-eye sausage gravy, cheddar cheese, and bacon. Another favorite is our AC Slawter with sweet pulled pork, apple coleslaw, and our house made hot sauce.” Sound amazing, amiright? All of that and you can even add caviar. You read that right, caviar. These are not your average biscuits by any means.  

So, you all have now learned Biscuit Fest’s idea of the perfect biscuit date. We thought it would be a good idea to hear the same from Handsome Biscuit. “A perfect biscuit is soft in the middle and perfectly golden on top. It has to have that beautiful flaky pull when you rip it in two. And nobody likes a dry biscuit! Our sweet potatoes ensure our biscuits are soft and moist!” Now that folks, is one Handsome Biscuit. Thank you, Virginia, for giving the fifty states a very exciting week in biscuits and sweet potatoes. Until next time!