Week 50: Big City Coffee

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We’ve said it before and we will say it again-- long lines lead to good things. And long lines are exactly what you will find in the Linen District of Boise, Idaho. Start at the end and wind yourself into this little building and you will be immediately greeted by a cacophony of sensory stimulants. The smell of lattes, the sight of massive pastries, the sound of caffeinated chatter, the feeling of okay-I’ve-waited-in-line-I-deserve-my-biscuit, and the promise of tasting everything behind the display case. What is this eclectic shop we have described? It’s Big City Coffee, and it’s home of the biscuit of Idaho.

Everyone who is social and not a total Idaho potato has hit up Big City for some kind of fix or another. Now, we are going for that biscuits and gravy dose, but they can quell that caffeine killer craving or satiate your saccharine sugar tooth. So, let’s dive in.

The Space:

Big City Cafe has tall ceilings and signs hanging from every which way. It is quite casual, family friendly, a little bit rustic, and obviously where people go to be social with each other. It encourages neighborliness with community seating and massive servings fit to share.

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The Pastries and Food:

So you heard me say massive---- and I mean it. The plates here are large and in charge. You may even hear the phrase “bigger is better” thrown around with casualty. And if you try to eat the whole darn thing yourself, you may become a casualty yourself. Just look at these bad boys. Love at first bite-- I mean sight.

The Biscuits:

Big City Coffee has a lot to offer, and of course we are gonna highlight their biscuits and gravy. These come highly raved and comically large. Some even say they could be close to 5lbs! THAT’S A BIG BISCUIT. LOOK AT THIS BISCUIT.


The Coffee. The Love.

This is particularly the part that I am excited to share with you. Big City Coffee has big things in mind. Back in 2001 and one a friendship blossomed. The Big City Coffee opened its original shop and Stephanee became on of the first employees.

On a girl’s trip to Mexico, Stephanee noticed a lump on her breast. She battled breast cancer for the next three years. To show support for breast cancer fighters, Big City Coffee looks to empower those women amidst the battle.

Utilizing humor to bring attention to Stephanee’s story, the “Big Titty Blend” was created. You know you would pick this bag up.

Joe’s Cans now has several blends, all donating proceeds to the cause with this to say, “With our Cans, we hope to share with you so many things: a warm cup of coffee, a laugh, a memory, hope, and a chance to contribute to an exceptional cause.”

Learn more here:

he Reasons to Go:

ALL OF THE ABOVE. and more! So find yourself in Boise and find yourself in Big City Coffee and we promise, you won't regret it.


1416 W Grove St

Boise, Idaho