The International Biscuit Festival isn't just about eating biscuits. Ready to display your talents? Check out the best Biscuit opportunities the South has to offer.

Miss or Mister Biscuit Pageant

Only the most poised, most talented, and the most Biscuit-y can earn the coveted title of Miss or Mister Biscuit.

Contestants will be judged on Biscuit Making Fashion, Poise, and a Biscuit-related Talent (interpretive Biscuit love songs, anyone?). Last year’s pageant brought out a formidable line up of young women and men determined to show that they deserved the Biscuit crown.

The winners will represent the International Biscuit Festival over the coming year, helping to spread the Biscuit gospel across the land.

Email for information about joining the pageant now!

Biscuit Baking Contest

 The International Biscuit Festival has received national recognition as one of the best food events in the United States. More than 20,000 Biscuit lovers will fill downtown Knoxville to enjoy the Biscuit Baking Contest and other “must see” events of the Festival! 



        "Starter" 2016 Entry by Caitlin Seidler 

        "Starter" 2016 Entry by Caitlin Seidler 

Biscuit Art


The Biscuit Art Exhibition features artwork with a Biscuit theme. We accept entries from across the nation and they're open to all artists 18 or older. Works may be created in all 2D and 3D media. 

Biscuit Songwriting

Put your love of Biscuits to music and share it with the world. The Biscuit Songwriting Competition attracts some of the best talent around as they share their musical tributes to the white and fluffy.

Selected artists will perform their songs live during the International Biscuit Festival.